Thursday, October 27, 2011

L’Oreal Colour Riche leGloss

I consider lip gloss an essential makeup staple. Lip gloss is not only great to add a little shine and color to our naked lips but it’s quick and easy too. I have always been loyal to my lip gloss love even back to my barely-there makeup days of early teen-hood.

As I’ve mentioned, for many years I was a MAC only kind of girl but have opened myself up to the vast land of beauty brands out there. In my search to try new products, especially drugstore since I never experimented when I was younger, I decided to give the L’Oreal Colour Riche leGloss a try.

First off, I had to try it because I had seen several ads for them in my magazines. So, of course they were embedded in the back of my mind (the wonders of advertising I tell you). Secondly, L’Oreal products seem to be of better quality in the drugstore, in my opinion of course. Lastly, they were on promotion at my local CVS at the time so of course I couldn’t pass on a good deal ;)

My thoughts on the product:
  • Nice range in color selection – always an added bonus!
  • Sheer color coverage that is buildable to a more of an intense color application if you like – this is great because depending on the look you’re going for this gloss can be a go-to product.
  • The formula is not sticky or runny – in my past experience lip glosses that come in a squeeze tube tend to be very “watery'” and runny and quite sticky. I LOVED that this was not because sticky lip glosses are drying. And no one wants dry looking lips.
  • Product is moisturizing – your lips feel soft and creamy as soon as you apply the product and that feel lasts.
  • Has a nice scent to it – I would say it’s a sweet, sort of cotton-candy kind of smell. Do keep in mind the scent is not strong or overpowering. If you don’t like sweet smells then this lip gloss might not be for you.
Final thoughts and recommendations:

I definitely recommend this product. It’s a great quality product that works great, is reasonably priced (price ranges between $5.99 –7.99 depending on your area – please keep in mind these prices are based on my area) and is easily accessible at your local drugstore or large retailer store. I liked this product so much that I went back and purchased three more.

Below are some pictures and swatches…

Naturally Nude, Red Ravishing, Watermelon Crush, Really Rose


Really Rose, Watermelon Crush, Red Ravishing, Naturally Clear

Let me know if you have tried this product and your thoughts about it!


Disclaimer: The above thoughts and recommendations are based on my own personal opinion. Results are not guaranteed. The products mentioned above have been purchased by me. This post has not been sponsored.

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