Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sigma Beauty Brushes

During Summer 2010, I randomly started watching beauty videos on YouTube. Little by little I learned of the different beauty gurus, product suggestions and reviews. There was one item/brand that everyone talked about all the time and that was Sigma Beauty. All the gurus talked about how great Sigma brushes were, how they were great dupes for MAC brushes, and the raves went on and on. I really wasn't sure whether or not these brushes truly lived up to the hype. After a few months of hearing reviews and doing some research on them as well, I decided I would give them a chance because I needed a new, complete brush set.
About a year ago, I purchased the Sigma Complete Kit without Brush Roll. I really wasn’t sure if these brushes would be worth it but they proved me wrong from day one. As soon as I opened the package, I felt the brush hairs to see if they were soft or hard and brittle like many inexpensive brushes out there. These brushes were so soft, they passed the first test as to whether they were worth it. I then put them through test #2, a deep cleaning. If these brushes could go through a deep cleaning and still keep their shape, stay soft, and not shed excessively they would prove themselves. Lucky for the brushes they passed test #2 which for me is one of the most important tests for any makeup brush. Then, came test #3, which was the actual application of makeup with these brushes. I was seriously impressed at how seamlessly these brushes worked. These brushes were the real deal and the best part of all was they weren’t ridiculously expensive, a major bonus in my book!


The Sigma Complete Kit without Brush Roll includes 12 professional quality brushes that are essential to complete a full face and eye makeup look. The kit includes the following brushes:

  • E05 – Eyeliner Brush – An extra-fine line tipped synthetic fiber brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke to line the eyes.
  • E30 – Pencil Brush – Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • E40 – Tapered Blending Brush – Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • E55 – Eye Shading Brush – Soft and dense with a rounded finished. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • E60 – Large Shader Brush – Flat shape is idea for application of cream formulas and eye shadow primers. It also works great with loose eye shadows or pigments. Can be used to apply color all over the lid or precisely on the lash line. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • E65 – Small Angle Brush -  Essential for the application of gel or cream eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line. This brush is also excellent for filling out the eyebrows. Made of Synthetic Bristles.
  • E70 – Medium Angled Shading Brush – Angled, tapered, flat top. Ideal to apply highlight shades underneath the eyebrow and on the inner corners. It can also be used for a precise application of darker shades on the crease area. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • F30 – Large Powder Brush – Very dense with a rounded top. Ideal to apply powder products to face and body. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • F40 – Large Angled Contour Brush – The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Made of Natural Bristles.
  • F50 – Duo Fibre Brush -  Specially designed to generate an airbrushed  finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades, and loose pigments on face. Made of a blend of Synthetic and Natural Bristles.
  • F60 – Foundation Brush – Can be used to apply liquid or cream foundation. It is also recommended to apply moisturizers and conceal large areas. Made of Synthetic Bristles.
  • F70 – Concealer Brush – The rounded, tapered, flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area. It is also recommended for a precise application in small areas. Made of Synthetic Bristles.

I truly recommend Sigma Beauty because their products are of great, professional quality, are reasonably priced, work well, and will last you a long time with proper care. They also offer a great variety of brushes, sold individually or in sets, to meet all your makeup needs.

If you are in the market for a new brush set or just a few brushes or your first set I seriously recommend you give Sigma Beauty a chance because they won’t disappoint you!


Disclaimer: The above thoughts and recommendations are based on my own personal opinion. Results are not guaranteed. The products mentioned above have been purchased by me. This post has not been sponsored.

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