Saturday, November 19, 2011

Steps to Healthy, Glowing Skin


The first thing everyone sees is our skin. Our skin is our largest organ and it protects us from everything around us. When I say everything around us, I mean EVERYTHING! Just think of all the toxins and pollutants in the air that we are exposed to day in and day out. Our skin is tough to deal with all of it. So as a thank you to our skin for all its hard work, we should work hard to keep our skin healthy! Here are the keys we must remember: hydration, cleansing, moisturizing, and protection.

There are many things we can do to help our skin stay healthy so it can keep up the great work it does. Can you guess which is the MOST important of all? If you guessed drinking good ol’ water, then you’re right! Drinking water is the key to healthy, glowing skin. Not only does water help our insides but it does wonders for our outsides. Water keeps our bodies hydrated and if we’re hydrated you’ll see it in your skin. It’s suggested we drink 8 – 8oz. glasses of water a day, but you can definitely drink more than that. Later on I’ll be dedicating an entire post to the wonders of water but for now the most important thing to remember about water is DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!

Besides drinking water, we should take the time to setup a skin care regimen. It doesn’t matter whether you never wear makeup or wear makeup all day, everyday. A skin care regimen will be the boost to your skin to help keep it protected from the sun, dirt, toxins, and pollutants in our environments. The most important part of any skin care regimen is consistency.

You should be cleansing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. By doing this you’ll be removing everything your skin is coming in contact with. It doesn’t matter if you use a drugstore product or higher end product, but you should be using a facial cleanser twice a day to remove all the dirt your skin comes in contact with. Most importantly, you should ALWAYS cleanse your face in the evening. Think of it this way, you’re out and about all day long, being exposed to dirt, germs, etc. if you don’t wash all this off then it will just accumulate deep in your skin and eventually cause dull skin and breakouts. Daily cleansing is very important but we should also remember to exfoliate 1-2 times a week depending on our skin type and condition. By exfoliating, we are removing all that dirt that has become trapped inside our pores that daily cleansing has missed. We are also removing the top layer of dead skin cells that’s lingering around, which if it isn’t removed causes our skin to look dull and causes breakouts.

Now that we have cleansing down packed, another important step to healthy, glowing skin is moisturizing. After you cleanse your face, you should always use a moisturizer. A moisturizer will keep your face hydrated, soft and smooth. When you don’t use a moisturizer your face tends to get dried out and even flaky, which in the long run will cause premature aging and wrinkles. I know when we’re all young we want to look older, but this is definitely not the way you want to achieve an older look. Haha.

So, now that we know the importance of hydration, cleansing, and moisturizing we are moving on to protection. Solar protection is VERY, I mean VERY important. Many of us only think of applying sun block when we go to the beach or plan on spending the day out if the sun is strong. Guess what? The sun is ALWAYS strong. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to apply sun block on a DAILY basis whether it’s sunny or shady or hot or cold. Sometimes the worst sun burns come from cloudy days we think we’re not being exposed to the sun. Sun damage hurts our skin in many ways. Not only does sun exposure raise our risk of skin cancer but it also helps the aging process. I know looking bronzed and tan is very appealing, this is coming from someone who is tan for most part and easily tans, but there are healthy ways to achieve a tan, bronzed look without overly increasing your risk for skin cancer and premature aging. Remember to use a sun protector with at least SPF30 and make sure that it covers UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for aging and UVB rays are responsible for burning. An easy way to remember this is the A in UVA represents Aging and the B in UVB represents Burning.

So, remember everything your skin does for you all day, every day and take the time to give it some TLC. By remembering these steps you’ll have healthy, glowing skin in no time!

Is there anything specific you do to keep your skin healthy?

Disclaimer: The above thoughts and recommendations are based on my own personal opinion. Results are not guaranteed. This post has not been sponsored.

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