Thursday, November 10, 2011

Want a Flawless Makeup Application?

In the years I have been wearing makeup my goal has always been a flawless application. More importantly a flawless foundation application since no one really wants a “cakey” looking face, and many of us have been there on a few occasions. In trying to achieve that flawless application, I have tried several different tools from sponges to brushes. As we all know, the YouTube beauty community is pretty large so of course in my search for product reviews and recommendations I checked out YouTube. I learned about The Original BeautyBlender sponge. Even though countless individuals recommended the BeautyBlender, I had to do my own research to see why this sponge was so amazing.

Dry BeautyBlender (on left) & Damp BeautyBlender (on right)

About six months ago, I ordered my BeautyBlender from Sephora and I am so happy that I did. The perfect word to describe this sponge is AMAZING. I highly recommend this product and truly believe everyone should own one. The BeautyBlender is simple to use and it’s results are flawless, what else could be better? The BeautyBlender is a pink, egg-shaped sponge (pictured above) that doubles in size when dampened. Below are the simple steps on how the sponge should be used.

  1. Place sponge under running water and squeeze excess water out until the sponge is damp.
  2. Dip sponge into product that is being applied (foundation, concealer, blush) – I do this by applying my foundation & concealer on the back of my hand and stippling (also known as bouncing the sponge) the product onto the sponge.
  3. Once product is on the BeautyBlender, begin stippling the sponge onto the face. Basically you’re bouncing the sponge against your face. By doing this you’re blending your product seamlessly. This is what gives you that flawless finish.

Here’s a video from YouTube posted by BeautyBlender that shows how to use the sponge…

Video posted on YouTube by Reaann (of BeautyBlender)

Things to know about The BeautyBlender…

  • it is latex free, non-allergenic, and odor-free
  • reusable (up to 3 months, with proper care)
  • used damp for best results
  • is unique
  • used to apply other products besides foundation such as moisturizers, eye creams, concealer and even blush
  • is an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner 3 times (2007, 2008, 2011)
  • has a recycle program known as BlenderSender
  • is now also available in a dye-free version, known as BeautyBlender Pure

For those of you that live in Miami and want to purchase a BeautyBlender contact Skincare by Pevonia as they are now a BeautyBlender retailer. Best part of buying locally, you save on shipping fees and don't have to wait for your BeautyBlender to come in the mail.

For more information on The BeautyBlender visit their website. 

Disclaimer: The above thoughts and recommendations are based on my own personal opinion. Results are not guaranteed. The products mentioned above have been purchased by me. This post has not been sponsored. I am an employee of Skincare by Pevonia. 


  1. I can't wait to get my own!

  2. Thanky for joining my blog!
    Only because of you i bought this beautyblender!

  3. Aww thank you! I love beautyblender. Let me know how you like it once you get it :)

    Please make sure to join my blog. Thank you!


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