Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Nail Polish Remover Pads

On a recent Ulta shopping trip I came across the Basically U Nail Polish Remover Pads while checking out. They were of course strategically placed in the check out display. I decided to give them a try since they can be handy to have in your makeup bag or purse for any nail emergencies.

The box comes with 6 individually packaged nail polish remover pads. Ulta claims that one pad cleans all nails quickly and easily. This claim is true to a certain extent. The first time I decided to try these I had on glitter nail polish, which tends to be difficult to remove. One pad removed most of the polish on both hands but I did have to work at it and it left some glitter specs here and there. To give them a fair chance, I tried them again when I had on regular polish and the pads did their job and removed the polish.

I really like these for the purpose of convenience. I would recommend buying them to keep a few in your makeup bag or purse for nail emergencies or use them for travel purposes. For all other nail polish removing occasions I would stick to good old fashion nail polish remover and cotton balls. If you don't have an Ulta in your area, I would recommend checking your local drug store to find another brand as an alternative.

Have you used Ulta's Nail Polish Remover Pads or an alternate brand?


Disclaimer: The above thoughts and recommendations are based on my own personal opinion. Results are not guaranteed. The products mentioned above have been purchased by me. This post has not been sponsored.

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