Welcome to BeautyCheeks! I am Caroline and I am obsessed with makeup and everything beauty related. My makeup obsession began as a young teen but became an obsession my Senior year of high school when my best friend starting working as a Freelance makeup artist for MAC. I haven't had any formal makeup training but just have a natural skill and love for it. I believe makeup goes beyond looking "pretty", makeup is an amazing creative outlet that enhances our inner and outer beauty.  

For years, I was all about MAC and no other brand really interested me. In the last two years, I have expanded my interest to other High end brands as well as giving Drug Store brands a chance. There are so many great makeup and overall beauty products out there. Most people that know me, know that makeup is one of my biggest interests and always ask me about my favorite products, new products, tips, etc. For this reason, I decided I would start a blog about everything makeup and beauty related.

My goal for this blog is to write honest reviews on new products, my favorite items, makeup looks, etc. I am open to suggestions and requests for posts any of you would like to see. If you have any questions, ideas, requests, product suggestions, feedback, etc. please feel free to leave a comment on a post or visit the Contact tab and fill out the Contact form.  

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